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A little Lucca…

On my last trip to Italy, hubby and I started our trip in Lucca.  I have now christened Lucca as my favorite city in Italy.  The medieval city is such a contrast. It is surrounded by walls (called ramparts) that are filled with residents and visitors walking, running and biking on top.


Biking on the walls in Lucca...

Biking on the walls in Lucca...


The reason I say that Lucca is a contrast is because inside the walls, the city is filled with modern shops, excellent restaurants and hotels.  I found Lucca to be extremely charming and an excellent balance of big-city amenities and small-town character.  The easiest way to travel to Lucca directly from the U.S. is to fly to Pisa and then take a train – if you are already in Europe, the train or a low-cost airline is your best-bet.  Check out my hotel page for more information!  See you there!


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